India Future Tycoons #1

It all started with an idea to provide a platform to high school students for showcasing their ideas and taking a challenge to build an entrepreneurial venture around it.

3300+ students from 250+ schools across 52 different cities of India participated in IFT 2019, clearly showing that the spirit of entrepreneurship is wide awake in young minds! This competition was free of cost to schools & students at all levels, and was entirely supported by generous sponsors who believed in the same entrepreneurship vision. Using Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations as a framework, the competition urged school students to create business solutions to reduce poverty, provide quality education, improve sanitation and increase nutritious intake.

It was inspiring to witness young school-going children aged 13-17 years old submit their innovative ideas in brief on the above social themes. On the basis of their idea submissions, the Top 100 teams were selected for a boot camp and were provided with 2 days of rigorous training. They also received mentorship from industry experts.

The Top 100 teams created video submissions of their ideas, on the basis of which the Top 12 teams were selected for the Grand Finale to present their venture ideas before a team of industry juries.

All the 12 teams presented brilliant ideas on the above themes, thereby reaffirming that we are building strong, social entrepreneurs. We wish to empower the teens to re-imagine a new India where problems related to education, poverty, water sanitation and healthy food are being tackled innovatively. The jury and the audience who witnessed the show were amazed to see the business plans and the confidence with which they were pitched.

Grand Finale of #IFT Season 1

On 10th Feb 2019, the grand finale for India's Future Tycoons was held at CoWrks, Worli. ENpower selected Co Wrks as venue partners so that students get an opportunity to see how new age startups work. India's Future Tycoons provided a much-needed platform for young teens to build on their innovative ideas & provide solutions that can change the world. Inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, students have combined social enterprise with business acumen to come up with compelling venture ideas.

It was a big day for everyone including the participating students, schools, parents and the empower team. It was not an ordinary finale event but an unforgettable experience and an epitome of entrepreneurship ecosystem for school children where they got an opportunity to interact with industry experts, venture capitalists, startup owners and success stories.

The Grand Finale celebrated this spirit of entrepreneurship as the chosen teams pitched their ideas to the grand jury, sustained their critical evaluation, convinced them about their venture ideas & competed for the top prizes! All the 12 teams presented their outstanding ideas to the jury and the audience one by one. It was no doubt that India's Future Tycoon's stellar finalists made it really strenuous for the juries to decide who is going to take home the prestigious IFT 2019 Trophy.

The audience present including parents, educators, industry veterans were wowed by the sheer amount of thinking process and creativity of these young and curious minds. After the assessment, the final decision by the juries was announced, and we have the first India's Future Tycoons, who have been featured above.

Grand Winners

BLOOM (Winners)

Bloom is an external tap attachment that consists of an array of sensors, digital IOT tech and micro nozzles. This reduces water consumption by 90% and reduces the water bills too; helping us conserve our scarce resource for the next generation to use it.

TRUE WIPES (1st Runner Up)

True Wipes is a story of converting wasteful corn cobs into useful Wet Wipes (tissues). The team manufactures eco-friendly tissues at affordable prices and generates employment.

OWLETT (2nd Runner Up)

Owlett offers curated kid-friendly, age-appropriate, news for kids aged 8-15 years. They engage kids with exciting news and allow them to formulate factually correct opinions & learn more about the world around them in a safe space.

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